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CI Monthly Feature - #5

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 31, 2012, 5:23 PM

"please fav this journal to share it with every deviant!"

thank you all for the lovely comments and favs.
keep your eyes close on 15 of this month then we will make a new poll for this month.

Hello dear members of CI :wave:

It's my turn again to put together 250 deviations of 250 of our members :hooray:

I'll explain this again for our new members:
In the 15th of every month, we will post the feature poll. Just leave a thumbnail of one of your works and we will feature you in the 1st of next month.

A great opportunity to showcase your works to more than 33k members! :eager:

BUT make sure you comment before we close the poll. There's only 250 slots!

here's this month's feature:

[Commission] Eevee evolves into Jolteon by izka197  Portrait: Terry by orribuLunyr by phoebella
:thumb333192290: Little Black Dress by Envy4hearts
fairy green by cookielover17Hi Fall! by RedRoronoa Cosmo with flower by AsymptoticWay
Giga Impact by Tsujito LoE : Rescue by JBeanSV Fan dance by kiba-chan27
Der erste Schnee by Mottimuoto :thumb339638264: Late in the Forest by ReaperFFseven
[Susicivus] Strip: How by heilei:CM: Thor by Kallian91:thumb342027336:
Mami chuuu! by StarryPoohIt's your turn to dance by Fayerin:You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet by FlawedQuintessence
commission 2/2 by Nefere **COMPETITION**Alice Vs Jabberwocky - FinishedThis contest is now closed.
Go see who won!!!

I will animate the winning piece.
I'm doing a competition! Yup first one so be kind if I miss a few steps (PLEASE READ ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM).
There is so little art out there for what is one of my favourite characters from the first game,  I decided there needs to be more!!.    
The Theme: is Alice Vs The Jabberwocky!.
The piece must at least contain Alice and the Jabberwocky
(THIS IS THE AMERICAN MCGEE JABBERWOCKY not the original), however some deviation is allowed to the design, it just clearly has to be based off either the game version or the Balrog looking design that was released in model form for the fi
Rebecca by ThroughMyThoughts
:thumb331076680:Come on,  I used to lend you my ship all the time! by Retro-DeathJack Frost by anime-lover05
Where's the good kids gone by SatonyaMusic rehearsal by Miyeong:thumb342657821:
:thumb336639259:Naruto - Kyuubi [4tails] Icon by NoriNeko-NoriakiDoomed to Walk The Earth.. by aliencharm

Mature Content

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi? by DcAevee
:thumb314597762:Rain of Reflections by SolitariusWolf
:thumb342771439:Your Majesty by NeaffkaCat God by Gengakutaku
:thumb341808813:Two Hearts by 1WebRainbowe1Grimdark!BRS by Monochrome-Melody
OC: Akano Tsuki (colored) by AkuToSeigiThe wish in my head by LucaHennigRed for Axelle by TheJoanaPADJ
Luo Tianyi and Mo Qingxian by Detective-MaySight To See by VinceJayTesting by Miss-Lacy
Art Trade: Nameless Wolf Maid by Aloubell+ clb: float + by kisarag-i:thumb302954004:
The cage-Lineart by LilCherryBlossom14Wings by umibe
:thumb339994911::thumb342943709: Mint [+SPEEDPAINT VIDEO] by mintdesu
astronauts by nataszekGreed by RaelXArtsMelt: Aug 2012 - Aftermath by Axtinguisher
Forrest reflection by BrynedudeThe Dream Guide by AcaciathornResting in the shade by Dedasaur
Beautiful Landscape #2 by azuriinVictoria Laitse by riabiLion's rage by Jfboards24
War Bird by AlpoArtsChibi Commission ::Meeebles:: by SilverWinge YOLO by Pepper-Head
Sunshine by Tishawish:thumb341132462: TinkerBell by selinmarsou
In the eyes of Tal'shen by Voyager168Adam Lambert portrait by mangafox23Lollicious-RainbowCake by DianneDejarjayes
.. lazy ... by Risa1Kyuro Kazu Shimeji [Pixel] by shortpencilBetter run!! by angel-yamasaka
Bee by LittlePurpleCloudEvery Moment by Bickhamsarah
Fafnir by WakaLaka123Like Another World by divaficaAmber Flare: Deactivate by hobfrog07
Broken Memories by ThornZfireP - Joruri-Chan by Happy-Nyan FallingI woke up in total darkness. A darkness so complete that light but a memory, a figment of the past. It took me a moment to remember where I was and why I was in the dark. It all came back to me in bits and pieces.
Leaving with no one to say goodbye to.
Agreeing to participate in the tests.
Being put into cryogenic storage.
The white walls of the facility.
The automated voice directing me.
The fear as I started to realize what was really going on.
The frantic planning.
The opportunity.
The struggle.
I close my eyes - not that it makes much of a difference, I cannot shut out the memories, only these harsh, glaring lights  - and think about how I had gotten into this mess. I had had no idea what I was signing up for really was, but it’s too late for regrets; regrets don’t help me. Regret is for the weak. I am strong. A survivor.
I had gotten up slowly, gingerly checking for any possible damage. My mental search had revealed nothing other than a

:thumb342938348:Reaper - The Eighth Original by 3DPadTitan's Grove by Voxxitronic
quote by KarolinaGlod:thumb262099447:Mini Post-it note collection: Mushu by xxwingxx
Llama Drama by RoccoBertucci:thumb333887995: A peaceful cottage in the winter by Voleuro
Complete Abandon by NicolasRaineKiss me by anna-solitaire
TRIANGLE__ DOODLE by anyazaliaBelieve by TalesOfNightWingHarajuku punk. by Sunniesaurus
Megan Fox (pencil) by MSamsonovOdin and Sleipnir by SiofraTuralAlyssa Milano by Zabboud
Magician's Daughter by eagle-elfRainy Day Picture 5 by xJRosexSayo by SayoArt
The Week Before Christmas by mikimikimchi:thumb342798423::thumb338050422:
What If (The World Ends Today)What if flames consume the world?
What if storms flood the towns?
Or if superior beings take over the Earth
or we fall in giant cracks on the ground?
What if the planet becomes remote,
everywhere, the purest desolation,
the human race about to perish
without any single chance of salvation?
I'll still have, in my recollections,
the remembrance of your smile,
I would have a reason to be happy
when the world becomes hostile.
I'll think about all the moments
you've spent close to me,
when it seemed to be the end of the world,
and you were the light that I could see.
I'll simply close my eyes...
Earthquake? Tornado? Lava?
I wouldn't have a clue!
What if the world ends today?
What if?
My life's been complete, since the day that I met you.
Sound Explosion by art1st1cDes1gn:thumb342809098:
Work For Happiness by PedroHenrique-2It's Probably Just Pre-Wedding Jitters by Angiebutt Spike by ange-etrange
Free Stock: Inquisitive by Oniendra-StocksRuneblessed Unicorn by GanjamiraLife As We Know It by allyalltheway
Dragon Armor by Weazel75love works by gismo84:thumb335759082:
Freak by shaigne27Happy Days Hanamichi Haruko by Seveya
:thumb333232481: Bridal Shower Invitation design by GodessFaeTales from the Bathtub by amparozeballos
Christmas Animation For ~yomaka by CandyPiieSlender by bubblenubbinscommission+PhotoTini by visaga
Hidan by EruAniiBASE PACK by Milk-Bunny-chanGuitar Heroine by nya-nannu
Noel Kreiss by amumajuEdited version! by YouJustGotAnimatedRed Crow by CrowsReign
Pearls and Roses by BansiniA Girl and Her Cats by JaydenwolfI Dream In Neon by Cronoman66
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY TANA by TaintedDNA:thumb342320064:
So I Herd U Liek Grass Starters? by BrightObject:thumb341600002:Hatsune Miku - Sorrow by Isami05
Caldor Tirendal by NightElf86Tentacles by SeaPlumeTightrope Walkin' by Printed-Shadows
CE: Forest fantasy by DonguriArtSelf-Harm Awareness by scathing-sanitymy cat name is ... by whoreundart93
Silence by XentrisRunny Vase by KatherineReedKSapple pie by colorwonders
Mirage by iAmoret

Mature Content

Through Tear-Filled Eyes by PassionIsLife
God Of War - Kratos by selviyangOn thumb by ArayashikinoshakaYukke by Emi-Gemini
Tickling Not Optional Beach Commission by MousenibblesWET by BeBurnWho's Watching Who? by Brieana
Forest by wangqrSkull Dance by SeaSpryte:thumb208440787:
Chibi C: Lunachi139 by MikiCloverFrozen Dreams by In2umniaKillH3rNyota by Rainbow-Moose
Marshall Lee Amigurumi by TheSmall-StuffC: TheReverendPlague 2 by KuroeMoonRandom by raquel-cobi
Under Water by gold-beetleGhost by Raithe:thumb324200870:
First Time to Windhelm by skrillbug Storm on the Loch by AquaDewRose:thumb340763214:
Happy Holidays! by Ashlmet+A Day to Remember+ by larienneAutumn Water by David-Manson
Emmy Rossum by AmBr0Tender Grace by Bunnypuma.:My sign thingy -Animation-:. by Blue-Star10
Kiki J2S Style. by DoReMiRockerr Chapter 1: The Red Dragon
Tokyo, Japan—
  The night is cool and dark. Most people are tucked into their beds for the night, resting up for the day ahead of them. However, tonight someone won't be going to bed peacefully. They won't wake up to tomorrow’s light and it will be my fault as it has been many times now. I realize that and yet, what other choice do I have?
  "Don't move," I say firmly, quietly. My gun is pointed toward the man and clicks as I pull the hammer back with my thumb. The feeling of it is all too familiar.
  "Please don't! I-I can pay you! Whatever you want!" the man pleads, his knees hitting the floor. His eyes are wide and his hands are up in surrender.
  I grip the cold black steel in my hand tighter. I know I have to do this. It's the only way. The moonlight hits my face as I take a step closer. The man’s breath becomes shallow and his hands fall in defeat. He stares at my eyes, the color of blood.
  "You—you’re him…The R
Request:Shizuka-Yoru by princepudding
Black Fox Team facebook cover by DreamingAliceFlower Vase by ParagonPlazaESS/collab - forward. by letrainfalldown
A Splash of Spice by InklingHeartNonsense, I have not yet begun to defile myself. by Caen-NResist the temptation and... by Loisa
[Jack Frost] by teralilacSyreaka and Joaneth by SilverarteBassist by Sayuni
Darth Vader popart painting by rbl3d:thumb336801810:Newer Wonderful Dress Girl Project by theheek
The Final Flight :: #1 Amidst of the Storm by MaidenStarBinary Scarf by knittywitty:thumb342403811:
Goku [W.I.P.] by animeR96Memorial (ballpoint pen) by RadishStickMy very BIG and LOVELY family!! by Alie-Reol
Ferald and a Baby Lizard by FERALDAll by drawitoutColorful Emotions by lmh4
:thumb336446617::thumb341273775:66. Let's Fly by Shiemin
Queen of Vampires by Blueraven-blackbirdMila Color Ref by goomzzMy Nicha by rhavendc
M(1,4) by kang2tingSolicitous by Zero2GOrion by Jade-Pandora
Homestuck Beta kids by FollowingStars 65 - Horror - Halloween 2012 Special by stivaktis:thumb341794674:
When three comets came... by SKELVAMPIREHow High by almostkilledmeMiia, White Tiger Girl by Kawa-V
:thumb305511315:Deja Vu by sparkling-mica:thumb343019671:
Sing it girl! by dedeartistadventure time christmas by ginnypotter8DPainted stallion by Suspirias
Moonlight by KurunaGirlblueberries by SofiaHigginsJourney again by Willow-San
Silver's Winter Morning by SilverFlightTumbling Dice by BigA-ntSwat Kats Hollow Arc Chapter 9 by Arashi-no-Ryuujin
:thumb337414279::thumb343140618:spring blossom-rainbow hair color lines by szajnie by prime512
happy cafe by tenshi-koneko500Daniel Craig by JCOwlzArachne by xxarishaxpxx
Blockhead Iron Man 2 by FireStumpblack bloody melt by rezisetPrincess Crown by TheFuzzyPineapple
Halloween by SugarContent:thumb300335634:::RETURN:: by sangheili117
Thank you all :heart:

CI Logo contest 2016 voting poll there will be One Winner for this Year 

151 deviants said Creation Inspiration logo by rbl3d by :iconrbl3d:
123 deviants said CI Logo Contest 2016 by Zhainy by:iconzhainy:
62 deviants said Logo Creation Inspiration by logomachine by:iconlogomachine:
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