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CI Monthly Feature- #3

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 2, 2012, 7:07 AM

Finally the featuring is here :la:
everyone that was featured will receive a :note: soon

Hello dear members,
Every month, Me :icontsuki-soraruki: and my lovely co founder
:iconsTiViA: will feature works of :iconcreation-inspiration:'s members.
All you have to do is leave a link or thumbnail of your work on the
feature poll which will be made on the 15th of every month.
This feature is a chance to showcase your work to 30k members.

Here's this month's feature:
Adopting Cappucinno by PigsTailFalls To The Place of No Stars -redone- by Th3Frgt10Warrior:thumb332203300::thumb328036491:AT: Napoleon by StrawberrySplatters:thumb328870158:

Mature Content

The Witcher: Geralt and Yennefer by NightElf86
Points Commission ASlaveToMyDeadHeart by GemaStarlightZest: Version 2.0 by Inemiset:thumb327626207:Sweet Goodbye by Null-Entity:thumb320608559::thumb121682962:
:thumb315575780:The Haunted School by YorukoChikokoroMy dog pixelized by bluegumibear:thumb331076680:Machu Pichu by Danieladanix In the Veil of the StormIn the Veil of the Storm
By Mongoose Van Dunkelschreiber
Titter tatter goes the rain on the canopy of the trees,
It splashes in my face as I run across the muddy earth,
My fur is soaked; a cold touch clings to my skin,
I can barely see my way through this wet illusion,
The scent of my prey is almost just a memory.
Yet I must not fail in my pursuit,
The hunt calls, but not just for me,
But for those I left behind as well,
Their strength now lies with me,
Their hope pushes me forward.
I can sense my prey's desperation,
It knows its escape is in vain,
I feel the thrill of my endeavors,
For the reward will be most precious,
For what can be worth more than life?
Wait, I am no longer alone on this quest,
Another seeks my prize, or perhaps he seeks me,
My faceless opponent is hiding his intentions,
Either way I must pursue, for I can't turn back,
I will face him when he comes.
Damn, he continues to follow me,
Out of sight, but not out of mind,
I'm finding it hard to focus on my prey,
No, I mu

The dragonhunter by kelaydinovApplejack by TheSmall-StuffCharizard Use Flamethrower by ArtExxoNavarre Beach by BlinxisPursuit of Happiness by BrieanaRave-o-lution by Sasa-Van-Goth
Magic by allyallthewaySuper Mario - Cake Factory v5 by Popo-Licious:thumb329945102:The Fight Club Narrator by STALKERms1Yer not Baman GO AWAY by Kallian91Zapomnienie by Isiri-Blackthorn
:thumb331946838:The Fight by XENTRO-12Milky Way Voyage by licoriceskittlesTsuyu Pond by helioluForever huggle snuggle by SferathAlli May by KrystinaLeigh
That Day (page 6 of 8) by ronoThe Raven Steals the Sun by anqilaModern Day Fairy by DaisyDinkleWhisper of Autumn by BunnyFroofrooPink Kitty Heart by pink-marshmallows7 Foot Custom Perpetual Plaque by dizzyflower28
:thumb330614420:Whistling of a Cold and Lonely Breeze by Printed-ShadowsOctober by NoraBlansettViolin by AthenaTTEncounter of Knights by anime-haloNinjor by Heather-Ferris
laughing ciel by BubblyEllieUnexpected Meetings by GiianaThread by Risa11000 years...lost. by Lilium666Lorcan by bubblemoon66Dog Tier Jade by VenusRain
Anchor by melqartiiiCommission - I finally found you... by TokiuruElephant - completed by SuiagAutumn Warmth by ZagiriRain Over Me by TheGalleryOfEveKey Idea by Caen-N
Background Practice by horse782:thumb329983925:fluttershy by colorwondersTwangopony by XxGalaxy-KittenxX Somnium: The dream that started everythingSomnium: First Chapter
The dream that started everything
What would you do… if everything you once knew turned out to be just a dream? If all the people you once met… are just part of that dream?
The TV was on… Telling terrible news I just couldn't believe.
I grabbed my head in desperation as I tried to stop tears of anger… or maybe sadness from falling.
Suddenly everything turned black and I woke up in a hospital bed. I stood up quickly and tried to walk, but I fell on the floor. Everything was so confusing.How could I be at a hospital if some minutes ago I was… Wait… "What was I doing?"
A nurse was screaming with tears of joy. Everyone came to my room and looked amazed. The doctors were stunned… but... "Why?" That's the only question that crossed my mind.
"Nurse Ayabito! Call his parents right now!"
I wanted to scream, ask, or at least say something but I was so confused words didn't cross

:thumb326138286:Captain America by bubblenubbins: Flamma + Acqua : by Sayuni:thumb328421766::thumb327420017:We Walk with Light by cottoncritter
Cardboard Series #2 by andrewb925Alfhild and Alfvin by Molvayas Playing AngelYou stare up at a strong, neutral being.
A being who cannot help but love without condition.
Your pure human tears run down your cheeks,
Splattering onto the cold stone floor on which you kneel.
She allows you to cling to her skirts,
Bury your face in them and sob.
She promises to take care of you.
She is only playing Angel.
Inside she breaks herself to show care in her eyes,
For those who demand it from her,
Who think she is safety.
No one could imagine she could hurt.
You think she is the strongest you have seen.
Her love is without condition.
She is forever generous.
She is only playing your Angel.
In secret, her heart lies in pieces.
Her love is little given to those who seek comfort.
Though her care isn't truly there.
Angel is all she plays for you.
Gruniper by lucardinaleNoctis kitty plush by XeshaireModular Origami (Arabesque) by MadSoulChild
Coffee love by KuroeMoonDryad by tyanimalgirlRiku by ZakuraWolfeRed flower by hikarukazesnow white alt. view by BrooketteIMAGE4DSOUL01 by porksiomai
Miserere and Yomo by Colorful--Melody:thumb298644026:xI`ll be out of my mindx by Doki-iThe Huntress by Yuyutsu-of-KashiDN Angel by GodessFaeHikaru and Pipotchi to the Rescue! by X-Seion-X
DN Angel by GodessFae:thumb332326060:Flower by keepcalmandbacon Goodbye my Supposed LoverI have such anger raging inside my heart,
My rage grows deeper the longer we're apart.
And together, watch out for the fire that will brew,
Because I do in fact despise you.
All you did to me was less than satisfactory,
In fact it downright hit me in the face.
I wish I knew earlier that you are a disgrace,
How dare you treat me so horribly.
So you said even then that you loved me,
That was a lie and you know it is true.
I was blinded and never really knew-
All that you were and are now to be,
Finally with clear vision I can see.
You are an asshole with no remorse,
This relationship has run its course.
I thought we had a special connection,
But all the while you had other intentions.
I was as innocent as innocent could be,
Like a butterfly I was roaming free-
You took away my freedom and snatched me.
Goodbye my supposed lover,
Goodbye my hated friend-
Since all that you did to me wasn't the best,
I will hate you until the end.
Luna - Come With Me, My Child - by agalakachikaboumHate the beard by Lil-Hawk
Premade book cover - The Country Lass by CathleenTarawhitiColors of pure joy by daliahme:thumb332315357:Pumpkin Umbreon by SeiishinNaruto Kunoichi Serie 1 : Hinata by MimiSempaiAquarius~ by StarCrescent
A flowers dream by PricetageMonuments. by GrimmPrimeLibra (1/12) by iNeuron[Heaven's Crisis] Alluria by silverlifeQiao Yi Awakening Form by Momoko122:thumb327569309:
Ethnic by sparkling-mica#69 - Force Mage by ElDiogo:thumb330119570:illumination by meirha:thumb323527461:3rd uncle by whoreundart93
Exie and Jest by Ianah-chanWet by AmBr0my sweet little friends by YumeLydIsometric practice by MeoWmatsuSimple Wooden Spoon 2 by whitewave-mothAutumn Girl by selinmarsou
Minnie Mouse (first time with SAI Painttool) by MagicalMerlinGirlPoplar Spoon - front view by tree-gypsyChristmas set by KatherineReedKSNatsu Dragneel by ChrisszillaOC: Logan- early concepts by stivaktis

Mature Content

Alraune by NuciComs

Hummingbird by Royal-DemonAlways by TandenfeeTiger Kitty Cat Hat with Scarf and Paw Mittens by AutumnHoneyMercedes A-class Coupe by GLoRin26:thumb322887781:Little Miss Emerald by Quaddles-Roost
Greetings by mydiachanCaptain Amelia--Colored by fantreasureplanetljsRibbons Remixed by PuvithelMechanical Horror by AnkredibleGreetings from Zagreb II by PetSto
Cruel out there by joshi1404Delicate by hannahmations ExplosionsHis eyes met mine through the crowd. It was electric; like I had looked into his eyes and jumped off a cliff. Their hazel depths swallowed me whole, and time seemed to stand still. The people around us disappeared, and we were alone. It was just me and him, him and me. We walked towards each other, slowly, but ever faster. We collided together, a shower of wonderful fireworks.
His fingers ran through my hair, and it was like multi colored sparks raining down from the sky. His touch was warm, unlike everyone else's icy cold skin. It was making me melt, breaking down the wall around my heart. My mask was crumbling, slipping off, and I didn't care. I wanted to melt; wanted to dissolve and become a part of him, to feel for the first time.
Our lips touched, and the world exploded. It was like an earthquake and a thunderstorm and a tsunami happening at once. Time sped up, and the people bustling by became streaks on the canvas of our kiss. Magenta and crimson and ruby d
Win 200 points/gagnez 200 points by Iron-fangcontest entry by by wrongtaste

Mature Content

Sexy Morning Light by Tetrismede
Sasuke - In The Dark Night by ChInAdOlli:thumb327612060:Bengal Tiger by palemoonwolfHe who became free by DonguriArtImperfection by MoonfangSkystrike
The Changing SeasonsIn the moonless dark of wanting the human escape,  
the rain of desire of man doth fade,  
before the time of birth the trees doth mourn.
Under the cover of desire the mind sleeps,  
blood dripped from its lustful sword
crows await the night at dusk,
for their chance of nevermore.
In the autumn of devotion our souls do sink,  
dying the dance of seasons burn
the season of tears scream under the cloudless sky.
Shapes of discord mourn beneath the surface,
waves of tears escape wordlessly,  
the light of our imagination dreaming
under blankets of new snow.
Before the day, the dreams of desire
airy spirits of longing escape their first death
flickering lights of desperate embrace in the streets.
Under a cloudless sky of winter the dreamers escape,  
just the thought of frost and the leaves must wander,
flickering movements of death escaping listlessly,  
never to be heard from again.
:thumb332602684:Poison Ivy by florecande12Fireworks Stamp by Savanah25Sweet Fruity Seat by MikiClover
Four Seasons, Sky and Earth by merunicornscarch by mikumikuoKiriban : Julia by DomDozzWeep No More by Beholdentolove:thumb330660111:The mask of me - full view by TrollGirl
Midna the Twilight Princess by Katseyes99Blacklight of Croftfalls by LadyCarnal:thumb330343998::thumb322311058:A Changed Normal by AlexWazHereIchigo Kurosaki by Palo-P
purrrrrrrrrrrr by Nefere::The Wall:: by sangheili117Decorative by ninquetari ConfessionConfession
Can I tell you a secret?
I don't love you
I don't, and I never did
Sorry to burst your bubble,
and snap you out of your daze
Heh, why the shocked face?
Did you think this was true love?
Meant forever and ever
That we would grow up old?
And be together forever
Well, you were certainly wrong
Life ain't always a love song
Learn that
There's no such thing as 'lifelong'
Accept that
Oh dear, did you fall for it?
When I said 'I love you',
did you really believe it?
When I kissed you back,
did you think that I mean it?
My, my, did I break your heart?
Sorry, life's like that
Sometimes black, others white
So pick up the shards and place them back
Deal with it, grow up and be a man
Why, yes, I'm a heartless bitch
And I don't expect you to understand
the reasons behind all of this
Nor do I expect you to try
to see the world from my perspective
Just... leave me alone
In my own little pity world
Leave me to gr
:thumb332510307:shoot out by TravisLutz
07 02 by Farewell-SpringPoKeMoN Adventures by SpecialPikachu:thumb328774478::thumb328788411:Day 3- Tarpit by drawitout A Halloween TaleFor Halloween 2012, Chiro and the others were busy in decorating the Super Robot and the town for the Halloween celebrations. Little Kids were getting costumes to wear for Trick or Treat. The elders were getting the food and candy ready. Everything was going good, until something weird happened. Before that, back at the Super Robot, the team were getting their Halloween costumes and Halloween treats ready.
"So, who's gonna make the Halloween treats this year?", asked Chiro.
"Not me. I did it last year.", replied Sally.
"I not sure", said Jinmay.
"Neither are we", said the robot monkeys together.
Nobody was thinking of making the treats all by themselves. There was a long silence for a while. Then, suddenly Sally spoke up.
"Why don't you do it, Chosen One?" asked Sally.
"Yeah, you Chiro."
"But, I can't"
"I'm not really good at making Halloween treats. Unless..."
"....unless I get some help", replied Chiro and blushed. He felt kinda embarrassed in saying that he co

~ I Am Sherlocked ~ by thegeekyballerinaFallen by music-dropA Knight By Grendeli-dark by prime512Trick or Treat by StarlightMemoriesheart biscuit pendant by strictlyhandmadeSunrise by 88MilesPrower
Circus by EdaHerzA stroll across a farm by Darklight-phoenixHappy Father's Day, Dad! by FloraRedwoodThe shrimp method - Drawing sugar gliders by CalburyVeggy Vortex by awesome43Sid Gallahan,the fighting fairy by curlyhair
oil painting by tenshi-koneko500My beloved puppy~ by Ianah-chan:thumb323062953:Sweet Fairy by StarryPoohStreet Battle by tjhiphopO Signor by Pchoberry
My first OC- Karin by DramaticrabbitANIMA - Imprisoned by DamaiMikazApocalyptic-steampunk diver by DevilBlackDragonNeptune from Hyperdimension Neptunia by DarkSaph

Thank you all :heart:

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