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Hello dear members,
it's time for a new give away :la:

167 people fave my last journal 
but sadly 162 People only comment below 
so 5 people didn't had a chance to win

so once again take a look at the rules of this give away bellow please remember you need to fav this journal and leave a comm

Rules of the Give away .

  • to enter in this give away fav and comment on the journal below this is important because you need to get a number from me(if you don't comment you cannot get a number and not win)
  • this give away is only open for members,contributors,admins,and co founders of CI (in order to enter join Creation-inspiration: (excludingmariridoodleparadise and Tsuki-SoraRuki (both accounts are from Me)
  • if you are a member and want to give it to a friend we accept it just let me know in a comment.
  • at the end of the giveaway winners will be randomly chosen (with
  • you must be a member of deviantart for at least two weeks in order to enter in this contest!
  • write anything you want on this blog no mean,or rude comments 

very special thanks to my donators for this month  below we can continue holding these   thank you guys for all the support

:happybounce:~~A  big thanks to our donators for the Month  July:happybounce:

for  those of you who do not know, I, Tsuki-SoraRuki decide to do a project
called project Pm give away here you can win Pm's for free :la:  
EDIT: only Pm's away NO POINTS!

how can you enter ?

once again enter Simply fave :+fav: this journal and comment below so that I can give you a number (meow) thats all

what are the Monthly prizes?

1 month premium membership (for one lucky member
3 month premium membership(for one lucky member 

to keep up running this project....

I need lots of support 
I'm holding the give aways like this 50 % by :points: me and 50% :points:by my donators 
if you have some couple of points to spare and want to help me out please donate
even if you don't have points feel free to share this journal with your friends and watchers ^^
How do you donate?
To donate to this cause, go to `Tsuki-SoraRuki or mariridoodleparadise page and click "Donate" on the donation pool, or go to the "Give" drop-down menu at the top-right of the page and select "Give Points." No matter which way you give, I still get them! 

After you donate, I will contact you fast as I can  keep in mind I'm not all the time online sometimes you need to wait a little longer.
why do I contact you ?

starting from 7 January when you donate: as my thanks that you help me with my project in return I will feature 4 of your works on CI profile  
but only when you want to be featured.
in case if you don't want this I will feature your name on the groups profile .
but if you want to have a friend featured instead let us now :D

the more points you donate to longer you will be featured on the groups page
you can find my prize list below 
~ prize list~
1:points: a day 
5 :points: a week 
10 :points: 2 weeks
15 :points: 3 weeks
20 :points: 1 month 
50:points: 2 months
100:points: 3 months
200:points: 4 months 
300:points: 5 months 
400:points: 6 months 

without any further do these are the winners 

congratulations to the following lucky members who have won 
15 & 145
a present by Krissi001:iconxnothing92: and :iconmaidenstar:a present by Krissi001

if you are curious this is the list of all monthly give away winners so far :3
I have made these people happy so far :3winners of the Weekly give aways so far
Updated 20nd April 2014
:icondarkkawaiifox::iconVishw::iconphongtu::iconjemikam::icongailsouthworth::iconcitrinepetal::iconpandaotaku::icononidenki::icongemastarlight:,:iconpuppypal32:,:iconroxy2344::iconforonceandforever::iconterekoi:,:iconmystykness::iconshiro-jinja::iconkinouchi::iconrainbownarwhals::iconchopstickle::iconepicmaj::iconmetamoor27::iconminibabylizard::iconpatamonkt::iconspanner88::iconpopyfriend::iconmekimz::iconbeautifuleternalsun::iconcolor-sekai: :iconpuppypal32:  :iconaryiatia::iconbuffy23::iconheyeveryone123::iconmiyuhinamori: :icondysplasia: :icontjhiphop: :iconcharlottesearson: :iconvishw: :iconxhobocakes: :iconszuzka::iconwolvesmaycry::iconlaureleikirsch::iconflamingmarshmallows::iconiwantarocketship::iconwingsprite::iconinfernape77::iconastridstormlight::iconkiangi::iconsavanah25::iconkileandra: :iconcleo0084::iconisacchi::iconirzakurawolfe: :iconpokeaday::iconmsliuvar::iconninated::icontsurukicchi: :icondarthr

when is the deadline of this give away
This give away ends on( 20 August) 
Clover - Free Icon by etNoirgood luck everybody!Clover - Free Icon by etNoir

our maintenance has ended

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 20, 2014, 8:55 AM
all our gallery folders are back open
the new give away journal will be online in some minutes :D

our maintenance has started and all our gallery folders  are closed for members.
if you still want to submit a deviation  leave a link in our feature folder and I will request them for ya :aww:

keep in mind

when the maintenance is running
 we will accept all remaining pending deviations
and not accept new deviations

where can I see when the maintenance is over?
please look at the countdown which is displayed on the groups profile
so that you exactly can see when this week maintenance will end

lot of members ask us
why does the group do this?
our group is fairly large and receives many submissions each day, so every weekend, we have a maintenance session,
to accept previously submitted works  that haven't been accepted yet talking about more then 200+
and also we will sending request to members if their deviation needs to be resubmitted.

Note:for now on every week also this journal will be displayed on the groups page.

please be patient and hopefully to see your soon work :D

EDIT: Feel free to check out our other grouo our sister group :icondoodlecreation: :la:

and if you want to win a Premium membership check out our monthly give away
CI Give away(Help needed) ends 20 July Hello members,
Before I'm going to start I decided to change the rules a little.
Requirements to  join our monthly give away.
you need to favorite this journal and also leave a comment below,
so I can give you a number :3

It's 20 June you know what time it is for a new monthly give away :happybounce:

but first a very special thanks to my donators for this month  below we can continue holding these   thank you guys for all the support
:happybounce:~~A  big thanks to our donators for the Month  June:happybounce:

to enter fav the blog  and also this is important leave a comment on the blog so that I can give you a number you need that number to enter in the give away :)

kind regards CI crew

Edit: I will contact everyone that comment on the journal even if the spots are full
I will let you know and also let you know when we have spots open again

Hello everyone,

how are you all enjoying your summer/winter break so far :)

Recently we have undergone a cleaning out of inactive staff,
We are now down to half staff due to this. So, if you are interested in becoming part of the CI staff, please let me know!

if you are interested comment on this journal by answering
these questions .

1. Are you on dA often? How often? 

2. Do you have any experience running dA groups? (Founder/Co-Founder/Contributor)

3. Are you willing to get on dA more often in order to check the status of the group with submissions, affiliation and when the founder is gone can you help with closing and opening the folders when the weekly maintance is running ?

4. What can you Admin or Co founder do for the group to help it grow and improve CI if you have the position ?

5. What country you're in (time zone purposes, helps to have staff all over the world.)
I will reply fast as I can and send you a note later

We hope to find our new crew members soon

kind regards CI crew

Ps earlier responses have been hide so that we don't send request double :aww:
dear members,:wave:

We need your kind help to upgrade this group to a Super Group for next year.

It's still early since our super group status will end on 21 of November which means there are still 4 months and a couple of days but in the mean time I will start collecting for now.

for the one that are wondering whats a super group ?

A Super Group is a Premium Group which has all the bells and whistles as a Group, a Super Groups get additional customization features.

a special donation pool  that you can visit here: :icontsuki-soraruki: (my main acount) and also here :iconmariridoodleparadise: (my sketch account)

All points donated to the donation pool will be use to continue the Super Group status of
we really need your help because without you're help we can't do this.....

we need a total of 4,796
:points: to stay super and the remaining points will be used for the monthly give aways (where you can win a  premium membership of 1 month and 3 month for free:la:

everyone that donates will get their username feature inside this journal and later we when we reach the goal 3 deviations will be feature
I believe  that everyone wants that this group remain as
a Super Group!

this journal will be updated next month

I Thank with all my heart these, who already donated.:dalove:
:iconblacknightingale81: :iconfigurecreator::iconkhallandra: :iconwdnest::iconenniart::icon2ndwindaccessories::iconmiguel-santos::iconghost-wolf7::iconsowelunee::iconmyrtogkl::iconaudreydlw:
kind regards CI crew

CI Monthly Feature - # 23

Tue Jul 1, 2014, 9:00 AM
Hello dear members and watchers,

Another article featuring works from members! This is a great opportunity to showcase your works to our +39k watchers and the whole community!

Bullet; White In the 15th of every month, we will post the feature poll. Just leave a thumbnail of one of your works on that poll and we will feature you in the 1st of next month. Make sure you comment before we close the poll. There's only 200 slots!

.:Blackbirds:. -Original For Sale- by KatzeFischTeamwork! - Art Trade by PiunaDokuhana by YoruNoSasoriMy Abode by RenDaKidGalaxy by x-Blacky-x
APH: The Batty One by TearsDissolvedMerscout by Vampire-SacrificeRoswitha Spades Colored Headshot by CaptainAscheCosmic world. by HalfInane-HalfMental  Alice in Wonderland by jejejeca

CisayaxDreymeil by SamuraiflameIn the shape of a heart by theNightwishmasterEpic Trio by KaymaroMiniature Totoro ice cream charm by EmisBakeryKaizuka and Sasaki by blekimaru

Shimmering Flower by Ghost-Wolf7Legend Carried by the Winds Breath by Tiffany-TeesForest of Fakes by AugustinasRaginskis7 years later, maybe? by JulietheBraixenHe Bit the Hand by incoded

JNS woman by MiyeongGhost oc, no name :c by acidicappleWood Pigeons by linneaphotoSomeone... by GlyphBellchime[OC] Beach Time Sexy Nica by izka-197

Relic and Claire: The Bittersweet Tango by medatellebreaking through by slipcast-chrysalismCaught by reblogRoseScent Geranium by MyrtoGkl:AT: Maybe... by HoshinoDestiny

AT: Zomlien by AkuToSeigiProving Grounds by reznor666Diaris- Bleed when I fall down by TheColdSoul1888TEENAGE peter and wendy by oga-chan  Monkey D Luffy. The King of pirates by Aritsune-chan
Bullet Bravely Pallet Default Thing by TheBlackBulletsLumina by KeimichiSummer Fun by StarWarsJediAmyAlmyra Dress-up Game by MikomiKisomiHeat by Yoru-Vampire

Wet Paws by tilduaWelcome Choli Wish by SeiChuuMaleficent II by ThePurpleSorcerer  Ranunculus Actions Set by GrugleDungeon Dragon by Odettery
Madoka Magica by Lumnili2014_Ochiru Sakura by kura-ouMe transformo en todo (111 characters morph) by rbl3dVWNM :: The ONE by UnderworldPPHave a Nice Day by Samciu

Heavenly Whispers by StarfireArizonaSo that's why her hair does that... by SweetKeyDaniGift for Maera [Far Way] by wcqaguxaRescue by LwbaContest Entry: Reverie by Ormille

Eye of Gurdaine by ArbiterGirl[OPEN] Zodiac_Aries by Myian-AdoptsKRAKEN by blazi76Dawn of Leah (2014) by MeekochanLucky by Wayman

Wings by YutailaRotten Apple, Lemon Halves by JaidenIVPencil Drawing: Mischa Barton by SHParsonsEngulfed {Winged Collection Pt.3} by Kaitlin73  Untitled fanart of Baru and Vice. by AsymptoticWay

Neon Coast by ErisiarLoki cross stitch keychain by caycowaRika Escanear0086 by zeal-kunRiven by Kayuu-kunGas mask by ForestHunterMajrach

Secret Garden by RankaStevicChibi cuteness by OKnekoFanart - Chuubis by Momoko122Gásadalur by JyttaBlue Shoes by DoserQH

Sayuri, Japanese Cherry Tree Spirit 2 by rosepeonie  Thranduil by TsukiiyoBubble Flight! by merunicornHTTYD II: Counting Stars by LucidOrangeFishbowl by Pdubbsquared

Hala'szba'stya by LadyCarnalTime to say goodbye by TheEternalMangaNighty Night by Bostonology  Mysterious cave by MilyusiaDragon-child,-son-of-the-sea by ShadowBT

Freedom in a Can by TsukikoTakahashiFalls by KelticStarHedy Lamarr by AmBr0Challenge Piece 8  Seeds of Compassion by calbhachThe Archivist: Redone by LlucMagic

Bastet Sekhmet by SeonidasShadow - Light Stock (Pistol) 05 by Null-Entity Ten LashesI spilled a drink on the couch and got it stained
That made daddy very angry
He got up with force and grabbed me by my shirt
He forced me down to my knees
…One lash
I interrupted daddy during one of his games
He let out a sigh and told me to kneel
I knelt down dreading what would happen next
He raised his belt way up high in the air and struck
…Two lashes
I tore one of mommy’s dresses by accident
He came home and found out about it
She begged him not to do what he was about to do
He yelled at the top of his lungs and struck again
…Three lashes
Daddy came home smelling like beer one night
He took one last sip of his beer, then he threw it at the wall
He looked at me and pointed to my room
Both of us knew what was going to happen
…Four lashes
My birthday came around, and I didn’t get the toy I wanted
I complained because I was very disappointed
He yelled at me telling me I should appreciate what I get
Without hesitation he struck me once more
sleepy princess by selinmarsouLost light by momentsaw

Soulkeeper by MidnightArtDragonI Wanna Know by silis-noisDevotia SQ 4 - To have a 'heart'... by konrei-samaMean Kitty^^ by SeminonKeeping the hats in good condition by Colourcloud

Day by cl-emFlights of Color by dizzyflower28Please don't look at me! by tashaj4deAssassin? by Phantom717the greatest sum by SMT-Images

Father's Day Camera (Tutorial by ElArteDePau) by ShadyDarkGirlSoul of Tyto - handsculpted Pendant II by GanjamiraOur Queen of Games {NGNL} by LinYanMy Gardevoir - XY by Etsuko-HatakeSpacing Out by Matna-chan

Forest spirit by CrimsonycAmy Winehouse by lemgras330Ariel by Asilh87Cookie's Crafts: Softserve Plushie! by cookielover17Hawkguys by Kallian91

Ace-Kun by katsuroyasuRainsoda Gift Art by fantreasureplanetljsLooks Like Rain... by IVSMAAcid by KorpseBridePortrait of a Lady (Painting) by Douxpixart

Mavis Ver-- wait.  o w o by NoraChibiWhy did we have to be... by KuroeMoonHarvey by cheslahAlways looking in by theheekPortrait: The Good Doctor by orribu 

on the side of the angels by KnifapotamasKandi Perler: Charmander by emokaseyMega normal bath by Art-in-heart4vaSpring Time Happy Feels by RustyCroutonsBonbon by Polka-Pot

Blue Ballet by Gee-94Coraline by EdaHerzSci-Fighter 02 by AdaptableSimonCardcaptor Sakura-Catch Me Kero! by AnimecolourfulDracula by TheComicChick

Ursula: The Sea Witch by artisticallystrangeThe Tree Pillars by SolitariusWolfK-POP Glitch || DANCE CENTRAL by hjpenndragonThe Big Brother by OniNoKoIntimacy by MariyaIgnatova

WOODWORK - HERE COMES THE SUN by b-DediOn My Return by Satsuki98Miku's Concert by rainbownoteEllen and Viola by StuffedPolarFoxReaching your hand by micchiyume

Fishes by LikaKinskyMom? by GiuseppeTriaDragon Rider by VilenchikKarasuno by Risa1Why, Father? Why? by Midaxz

Heliithil by ElehanneDon't Get Lost by Sasa-Van-GothOrianne - first day at Sanctuary by AuriaslayerSummer 2014 Rabbit Cat Fennec fox by haseprabioEye by EnniArt

An EndMaybe it's time, or maybe it's not,
But I know I can't live for knowing
That with time all things must rot
To aid lesser things in growing.
So burn through my heart like a fire storm,
And take all the stars on your way
If only because it will keep you warm
On this: your very last day.
Zatanna [Fanart Collab] by MinemikoNOTHING LIKE WAKING UP AND GOING TO A DESERT BEA by mukuro-samaPG:FoFS_Ariana by Saito-san97Pagedoll Commission: Ruby by SinfullyCute

Hallucinogen by themetalsoldierNature by EternalHeavens   Tiger Eyes by RobydudeMC - Everyday Superhero by ANTI-causticStar by xXfatal-happinessXx

Alas, a ghast by QuegColorful kid by SugisWorldCup by Sadmonsternature girl by chicitacPut Your Best Face Forward by SepticSkeptik

Wingapo, Brother Bear! by LilMissPeppyInfinity Wars - Reverberating Stone by lepetitgroinIt's me by GlassesBluThe Charizard Rises [Colorful] by SaintDillHello friend. by pinkoliphant

[RP] Nio Vs Clay by MerushirePrinceThe World Upside Down: ver. Down by RoadZeroSisterly Love by owl00augenBloom n' Balloon by MeadowDelightsDark Passion Play by CrowsReign

my love and I(shy lovers) by LenkoaneMHeaddress by danajayyNeji-san by heizel-andersonThe Boy Who Cried Wolf by R-GIEBlue Butterfly by Rosepupp

Maleficent by moonshineblood88Commission: Experiment 108 - Jack by MarzzelLast of the four hot like Fiyah by Jennycah Valentines Day 2014On the previous day, Feb 13th 2014, while sleeping, Sally had a dream about how Valentines day would be this year. The dream started with everyone in a football stadium. The monkeys including Gloria, Fiona and Yasmine, were playing while Sally, Jinmay and James were waiting for Chiro in the locker room. When he came, another Chiro came too. Mandarin was behind the cloning menace again. But eventually, they found out the real Chiro and joined with the monkeys. While in the field, James teased Sally a little bit and that made her angry and she knocked on his head as a punishment. Because of this, James couldn't play. Later they both apologized to each other and solved the problem. Two hours later, everyone decided to go to an area with flowers and with a forest nearby and reached there with the Elevator Door. Everyone had lunch and started spending the day by exchanging their love, gifts, and treats. Everyone kissed their Valentines too which was really romantic. Sally was taking photosSHSL Violinist by Attack-On-Maou

27 by VacantiaFlyff: Seed of life by minimusha
I love deviantART!

also feel free to join our monthly give away we give free Premium memberships each month :happybounce:

CI Give away(Help needed) ends 20 July Hello members,
Before I'm going to start I decided to change the rules a little.
Requirements to  join our monthly give away.
you need to favorite this journal and also leave a comment below,
so I can give you a number :3

It's 20 June you know what time it is for a new monthly give away :happybounce:

but first a very special thanks to my donators for this month  below we can continue holding these   thank you guys for all the support
:happybounce:~~A  big thanks to our donators for the Month  June:happybounce:

CI Monthly Feature: Comment to get featured - less than 40 slots left 

60 deviants said One deviation per member. Just leave a thumbnail of your work here.
9 deviants said please do not use big thumbnail (:bigthumbxxxxxx:) code when posting your thumbnail.
9 deviants said The journal will be posted on the 1st of August.
5 deviants said No sketches, WIPs, or works that break the site's rules.

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