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CI Icon contest 2015

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 16, 2014, 1:43 AM
Hello, dear members

it's time for a new icon contest

What to Make: Creation-inspiration icon for our group.

The Rules of the contest
1. be Creative
2.This contest is open to members of creation-inspiration only.
3.The icon must be 100 x 50 pixels & smaller than 30kB
4. Enter as many times as you'd like, entries must follow all the rules.

5. The avatar/icon
5. Should be categorized as "Customization / Icons / Avatars / deviantART"
a. Must have our name sized appropriately so it's easily readable and doesn't block avatar imagery.
b. May be in color or monotone.
c. May be static or animated.
d. You may use what ever medium you like to create the avatar/icon  
e. must be gif-file, .jpeg-file or .png-file

Where can I put my entry
Please submit your entry inside this folder

 the contest will be closed on Monday, January 19 10.00/22:00 am CET.
Voting will last from 19 January till 21 January 2014
The winner will be announced on 22 January 2014

NOTE: The group reserves the right to adjust the rules at any time. Members will be notified of any changes through this journal.

3 winners will receive 200 :points: from Tsuki-SoraRuki
other participants will be  featured for participating in a journal.

Note:we will display the winners Icons like this
first winner his/her icon will be displayed starting for January 22 till April 25 .
second winner his/her icon will be displayed starting for April 26 till August 25.
third  winner his/her icon will be displayed starting for August 26 till December 31.

Voting Method: Group poll(members can vote)
when the contest has ended I will make a poll  were members can vote
in the meantime the Crew of CI will also choose their favorites
voting same like last year.
50% decided by the members and 50 % decided by the crew of CI

well that was all
thank you for reading
sincerely , Creation-Inspiration team

:note: If you have any other questions, feel free to ask below!

super group featuring

Wed Dec 10, 2014, 7:03 AM
Hi dear members this is a featuring special for the lovely and awesome people that help us reaching our super group status :la:

onces again sorry for the delay I have been very busy specially since Christmas is coming closer so yeah...

thank you everyone that help us reaching this
a big thanks to the fellow deviants that don't wanted to be featured
KiwiCocktailSEVMD percy555Clipsy-Moon

and also our anon's donators  that don't want to be displayed on the list thank you all  :heart:
thank you thank you

please check their gallery out they all deserve it :heart:

from :iconfigurecreator:Pipe Cleaner - Shmoo by FigureCreatorPipe Cleaner - Sonic The Hedgehog by FigureCreatorA Mare In Uniform by bravelyblue
from :iconkhallandra:Sinbad and Judal's Rukh by KhallandraKimihiro Valentines by KhallandraFather and Son: Shen and Yuuta by Khallandra
from :iconwdnest:My Childhood by wdnestChess Time by wdnestAt 10 Seconds by wdnest
from :iconenniart:Jennifer Lawrence by EnniArtRose study by EnniArtBlue Heaven by EnniArt
from :icon2ndwindaccessories:The Great Eye - necklace by 2ndWindAccessoriesThe Victorian Choker Necklace by 2ndWindAccessoriesSteampunk Key and Feather Holiday Ornament by 2ndWindAccessories
from :iconmiguel-santos:Gold'n'green by Miguel-SantosCommunication Brkdawn by Miguel-SantosCabin Sunset by Miguel-Santos
from :iconghost-wolf7:Friends For Eternity by Ghost-Wolf7Alone in the Wilderness by Ghost-Wolf7Leaves Upon a Book 2 by Ghost-Wolf7
from:iconsowelunee:PN: tea time by soweluneePN-GP-Rasya Wirawan-WIT by soweluneePN: mask by sowelunee
from :iconaudreydlw:Les Hommes De La Famille by AudreyDLWSatellizer Terrani by AudreyDLWThe Darkness come in by AudreyDLW
from :iconantorax:It's What You Can't See by AntoraxMEDIC! by AntoraxID 2014 by Antorax
from:iconfireflyally7:Desperation by fireflyally7Bleeding Heart Mushroom by fireflyally7Taken Away by fireflyally7
from :iconrichard-m-williams:Birdy - Fire Within by Richard-M-WilliamsSansa Stark by Richard-M-WilliamsTywin Lannister - Game of Thrones by Richard-M-Williams
from :iconkura-ou:COMM_Laura's family portrait by kura-ouChibi designs for Jardineparrot by kura-ouADOPTABLE_TORIKEN #1 [CLOSED] by kura-ou
from :iconmisscherrycake:[ON SALE! 20% OFF] Adoptables [5/6 available] by MissCherryCake[Gift] Happy Birthday Potato! by MissCherryCake[Fanart] Love Flag by MissCherryCake
from :icondouxpixart:(please reponse I want to feature you as thanks
from :iconharumikoto:Moving On by HarumikotoBE STRONG, JUNDI! (CLAMP's X/1999 Muslim Fanart) by HarumikotoSee Ya Again Next Ramadhan insyaallah by Harumikoto
from :iconshiningstars3:025 by SHiNiNGSTARS3026 by SHiNiNGSTARS3015 by SHiNiNGSTARS3
from :iconpanda-kiddie:Glass in the dark II by Panda-kiddieThe last of the desert wolves by Panda-kiddieSport Exhausts Me by Panda-kiddie
from :icondark-cynder117:Zeheyra: Harbinger of the End Times by Dark-Cynder117Councilor Nirrti and Governess Neyla: Divergence by Dark-Cynder117 Paragon Lost timeline150,000 BCE The Precursors are the most powerful and widespread civilization in the galaxy, using their technological prowess to guide other, less-advanced civilizations following a set of beliefs called the 'Mantle of Protection.'
100,300 BCE The Koozer-Ga, hailing from an unknown origin, attack the Precursors, leading to a galaxy-spanning interstellar war during which the original Dragon Homeworld is destroyed. The Precursors construct Shield-Worlds and scatter them accross the galaxy.
100,000BCE The Precursor Civilization mysteriously vanishes, leaving ruined cities, Starships, Facilities and various other relics as their legacy. The surviving civilizations, some guided but the relics of the Precursors, begin to spread accross their initial homeworlds.
45,000 BCE The Proto-Atlantean Civilization emerges. Basing their technology around Precursor relics, they begin to spread accross the galaxy.
25,000 BCE Proto-Atlantean civilization vanishes on all

from :iconkuznyadragonofbaa:Time cannot be measured in money by KuznyaDragonOfBaaSawskreetch by KuznyaDragonOfBaaMotorcycle Ordinator terror O_O by KuznyaDragonOfBaa
from :iconbloomingrosexeniia:Leo - The Lion by BloomingRoseXeniiaGuardian Of The Promise Land by BloomingRoseXeniiaSomewhere I Belong by BloomingRoseXeniia
from :iconmako-and-co:Mako'n'Co - Chapitre 2 by Mako-and-CoMako'n'Co - Chapitre 3 by
from :iconpetra-fi3d:Lark 8-13-14 by Petra-Fi3dIntergalactic Robot Assassin Unit V3L-0X by Petra-Fi3dBird of Paradise - King of Saxony by Petra-Fi3d
:iconplanium:Ellie - The Last of Us by planiumOwl - Ballpoint Pen by planiumMacaw by planium
:iconkorpsebride:Keys in winter by KorpseBrideStripped by KorpseBrideMirrors by KorpseBride
from:iconmikomikisomi:Water Petals by MikomiKisomiBlake Belladonna + Speedpaint by MikomiKisomiYang Xiao Long Dress-up Game! by MikomiKisomi
from :iconrisa1:miku Sky by Risa1Mirai by Risa1Champs by Risa1
from :iconyard-clown:Gem by yard-clownUnsettling by yard-clownIb by yard-clown
from :iconjellybus:DTA Entry 2 by JellyBusDTA Entry by JellyBusNommers Adoptables [open] by JellyBus
:iconliyashi:Unknown Little World by liyashiCan't Catch Me by liyashiCupcake eating cupcakes by liyashi
from :iconwyverra:Druka says hi! by WyverraTogether whatever the weather by WyverraZhinra by Wyverra
from :iconmako-and-co:Mako'n'Co - Chapitre 2 by Mako-and-CoMako'n'Co - Chapitre 3 by Mako-and-CoMako'n'Co - Chapter 4 by Mako-and-Co
from :iconsoradejong:Winter by soradejongSpying About by soradejongDuma guarding the sleeping bats by soradejong
from :iconstarlightt1234: Ineffablepainting my red rose
yellow so you don't have to
see my agony.
IngenueI wish I never learned the meaning of love,
        so I wouldn't have known,
                that it was love,
                    when you
love poems to no one.Darling, your laughter on a cold day
reminds me of the medicine
my mother used to give me
when my fever was 102 and rising;
it's bitter and acrid
but it works on me anyway.
And you, you dazzling succubus, 
you beautiful disappointment,
there's no time for love
when you're in repose,
pushing up daisies
in the barren fields of Asphodel,
but that's no reason to not try.
You, dear, are a mystery that will never be solved,
a lock with no key, a point of no return.
I am in no state to be addicted to the idea of your love,
but you find your way into my daydreams,
and make them come true.
The past is fossilized in your amber eyes,
the way to your heart is surrounded
by a storm that will never pass.
And I will never be able to brave
the tempest within you, 
But in this moment,
pain has never felt more beautiful.

:iconyubbi45:My Flames by yubbi45App Messery by yubbi45christmas pluff by yubbi45
from :iconel4an:Speedpaint by el4anMirrors Edge- Faith by el4anSnake qeen by el4an
Feel The Aura Within You by X-Seion-X Little Star by NeferNeferu-AtenCanVas 16. Gwendolyn by ReikaSasaki
(Note)since I donated the last points I will feature 3 of my dear  friends artwork :aww:

kind regards CI Crew

Hello dear members and watchers,

Another article featuring works from our CI members! This is a great opportunity to showcase your works to our +40k watchers and the whole community!


Bullet; White In the 15th of every month, we will post the feature poll. Just leave a thumbnail of one of your works on that poll and we will feature you in the 1st of next month. Make sure you comment before we close the poll. There's only 200 slots!

Bullet; White This feature is free. You don't have to pay to get featured!

Tribute- Legend of Dragoon- the Black Monster by Lilith-the-5th in the forest by rimuu WonderEyes by B-ROArtandDesigns Erwan by cl-em  RUMINATION #0: THE INTERPRETERAs 6094 stared into the megaphone; it thought it resembled a severed ear nailed high up on the wall. So close yet sounding as it was echoing far away. Blaring out some garbled version of an old musical number that was often recycled in the waiting room. In all the rows of uncomfortable purple shag carpeted chairs 6094 was the only one wide-awake in the masses of unconscious waiting people; the only one dressed nicely in an un-crumpled plastic suit. It was also the only one who was late. 6094 was supposed to be here when the Decider read between yellow and green; but had arrived when the arrows rested on the edge of blue teetering into red. Peering over peoples shoulder occasionally to see their initiation card; many of them had along way to go.  It did not have one said cards because it was on special call, instead 6094 had a white piece of paper that had the High Lords symbol in gold paint. It remembered having sat in a similar waiting room in order to receive it. Immediately aft
A different Halloween by Yenni-Vu 'Stick to it. . . No matter the squalls' by fantreasureplanetljs alice's dream by kokotea I wanna go to space space space by HalfInane-HalfMental When I'm big by DameTenebra 
The Bewhiskered Embrace of a Raccoon by Joana-de-Arte Dark Rose by Booboobunni Five Nights at Mickey's by RemixedMagic Art Noveau : Luna by WitchBehindTheBush ++Smile++ by hissorihaka
Tonto 2 by 7-Year-Bytch Nathair-CO - Ch. 0 Outfit by konrei-sama Tree by Milyusia  The Blank PageHello, there. What’s your name?
That’s a nice name. Nice to meet you.
I’m...well I have no name, at least not yet.
Maybe over time, you can think of one for me. 
So what do you want to do? What do you want to write about?
My blankness is your canvas. You can write whatever you want.
Tell me anything you want to.
You can tell me how your day was, the good and the bad.
You can tell me your greatest dreams, your darkest desires.
You can share your world, real or imaginary. We can make it real.
I won’t judge your words. You can erase what you don’t want.
You can share me with your family, your friends, the whole world.
Or if you like, we can keep it a secret. Just you and me. 
I will hold them for as long as you want.
I’m all yours.  
 Ashia Xioneth by Seminon

Poisoned Apple by Rinrin-chin I am Satisfied with my Care by Mimibert Dancing beauties by parrot33 LUCKY [cover] by Midaxz Collide by dizzyflower28
Purple Secrets by xxxoneechanxxx Winter Light by Fanciful-drawer taking flight by oga-chan Gift: Minty Greens by Aminirus  Xero Arcane Mode Redesign by NightsHarbinger
Kissing Icons by DarthRose Sketches! by MystykNess Lacrimosa by naeloj Eliza by nexides Halloween 2014 by ThePurpleSorcerer 
Snow by StudioIJB Commission For Miss-Gardenia by sysengrat I've got a bite! by cheslah What is it like in your funny little brains? by IkedaYumiko I Don't Want To Leave You Big Brother! by TheLoneRestlessRose

Horizons by Erisiar Fluttershy by Andreanable Lightning adopt (auction) by xXfatal-happinessXx Celestialdemoness - Ignis by Raiden-Silverfox Electric Angel by CynnScarlet
Art Junk - Lazer by Pdubbsquared Hidden Light Cover by Raekia12 Does Anybody See Me by creativeserenity87 Electric City promo thinger by TheBlackBullets  Cry

“Keep your head up.
God gives his hardest battles
To his strongest soldiers.”
– Katie Schubert


Terrance laid in bed listening to music; his legs crossed one over the other and his foot moved to the beat of the song. He placed his arms behind his head as a pillow not bothering to use the real thing, and closed his eyes.
For a moment he lost himself in the angry lyrics and gritty voice of the singer, until the music stopped suddenly. His eyes flew to the radio and he almost jumped out of his skin when he found someone else in the room with him.
“Mom! When did you come in?” He looked toward his now open door and back to his mother.
Fable stood beside the desk, her finger still pressing the ‘stop’ button on the radio while she had a small frown across her pretty face.
“What is this nonsense you’re listening to?” She popped the disc out and read the title, raising an eyebrow
Friends on the Other Side by sazame-kusaka Champs by Risa1 Journey... by Dark-Indigo United with you by Twilightsoma A Moody 'Princess' by tashaj4de
Unbalanced - Seizure Awareness by wdnest Disney Villains - Ursula's Lair by OllyChimera P :: The Guitarist by UnderworldPP My Girlfriend by timungoreng Disappear by VocaloidCH-Mizki 

RC9GN: Smoke bomb? by TearsDissolved Layla Enchantix by dragdramane Stay Tuned by IShot-U At least, when I fainted... by GlyphBellchime Chocolate by Kyutaiyo
SAO: The Healer by StarWarsJediAmy Tree of Life by Orbes Cat Luka by FeatheryFlight #26 Dance With Me by TsukikoTakahashi darker than black by inlovewithyourshadow
Monument by jeckald The Wind Beneath My Wings by theNightwishmaster Happy Holidays Chainmaille Wine Charm Set by Rosie-Periannath Sheeala Li by KhaoShar Hikaru by Stacy-L-Gage
Ophelia Payne: Redux by TheScribbler12 AOT: Beautiful black hair by Chiaticle Capture My Heart by ActsofArt  down with the shine by SMT-Images Helium by RustyCroutons

All In The Details by theheek Forgiveness by Paivatar In a field of daisies by Pixy-Powder Gamzee doodle by LushLovesYou Holy Persuasion by MakashiVT
...'Ray' by Segii A Part of Your World by Shironaii Gone, But Not Forgotten by StarsAngel WTJohn Y!trade by eugenemulberry The False Disciple by gregory-mack
Jiji by NotAGoddess 31st INKtober [ Hyakumonogatari ] by hjpenndragon Melody by KelticStar Oh look I'm a fan of Randy Cunningham by Art-in-heart4va Anni by S-Lioness
Fiery keys by AxelDominatoR Handmade Arrowhead Necklace - For Sale by BadApple-Art Slighted Love by MyrtoGkl Renee by SecretlyEvil9792 Reina Alfrey by Reysuke-chan
Tree of Light by wcqaguxa DP - Halloween Party by selinmarsou Breaking Free by MissCarolinaK 

our maintenance has ended

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 30, 2014, 8:00 AM
we're open :)

the weekly maintenance has started
so that means all our gallery folders are currently closed
till the countdown has ended.

when the maintenance is running
 we will accept all remaining pending deviations
and not accept new deviations

where can I see when the maintenance is over?
please look at the countdown which is displayed on the groups profile
so that you exactly can see when this week maintenance will end

lot of members ask us
why does the group do this?
our group is fairly large and receives many submissions each day, so every weekend, we have a maintenance session,
to accept previously submitted works  that haven't been accepted yet talking about more then 200+
and also we will sending request to members if their deviation needs to be resubmitted.

Note:for now on every week also this journal will be displayed on the groups page.

please be patient and hopefully to see your soon work :D

EDIT: Feel free to check out our other grouo our sister group :icondoodlecreation: :la:

and if you want to win a Premium membership check out our monthly give away
CI Give away(Help needed) ends 29 NovemberEdit:since my grandma passed away the funeral is  Thursday I decide to give you all extra time to enter in this give away
hello dear members,
it's time for a new give away :la:
Rules of the Give away .

remember this  give away is only open for members,contributors,admins,and co founders of CI (in order to enter join :iconcreation-inspiration: (this is a groups give away)

to enter in this give away after you join the group just fav and comment on the journal below this is important because you need to get a number from me(if you don't comment you cannot get a number and not win)if you are a member and want to give it to a friend we accept it just let me know in a the end of the giveaway winners will be randomly chosen (with must be a member of deviantart for at least two weeks in order to enter in this contest!write anything you want on this blog no mean,or rude comments

very special thanks to my

to enter fav the blog  and also this is important leave a comment on the blog so that I can give you a number you need that number to enter in the give away :)

kind regards CI crew

(EDIT: updated with last months winners

hello dear members,
it's time for a new give away :la:

Rules of the Give away .

remember this  give away is only open for members,contributors,admins,and co founders of CI (in order to enter join :iconcreation-inspiration: (this is a groups give away)
to enter in this give away after you join the group just fav and comment on the journal below this is important because you need to get a number from me(if you don't comment you cannot get a number and not win)
if you are a member and want to give it to a friend we accept it just let me know in a comment.
at the end of the giveaway winners will be randomly chosen (with
you must be a member of deviantart for at least two weeks in order to enter in this contest!
write anything you want on this blog no mean,or rude comments

very special thanks to my donators for this month  :happybounce: we can continue holding these   thank you guys for all the support
(btw if you donate tell me if it is for our monthly give away or a super group status thank you ^^

for  those of you who do not know, I, Tsuki-SoraRuki decide to do a project
called project Pm give away here you can win Pm's for free :la:  
EDIT: only Pm's away NO POINTS!

how can you enter ?

once again enter Simply fave :+fav: this journal and comment below so that I can give you a number  thats all

what are the Monthly prizes?

1 month premium membership (for one lucky member
3 month premium membership(for one lucky member

to keep up running this project....

I need lots of support
I'm holding the give aways like this 50 % by :points: me and 50% :points:by my donators
if you have some couple of points to spare and want to help me out please donate
even if you don't have points feel free to share this journal with your friends and watchers ^^
How do you donate?
To donate to this cause, go to `Tsuki-SoraRuki or mariridoodleparadise page and click "Donate" on the donation pool, or go to the "Give" drop-down menu at the top-right of the page and select "Give Points." No matter which way you give, I still get them!

After you donate, I will contact you fast as I can  keep in mind I'm not all the time online sometimes you need to wait a little longer.
why do I contact you ?

I will feature 4 of your works on CI profile  
but only when you want to be featured.
in case if you don't want this I will feature your name on the groups profile .
but if you want to have a friend featured instead let us now :D

the more points you donate to longer you will be featured on the groups page
you can find my prize list below
~ prize list~
1:points: a day
5 :points: a week
10 :points: 2 weeks
15 :points: 3 weeks
20 :points: 1 month
50:points: 2 months
100:points: 3 months
200:points: 4 months
300:points: 5 months
400:points: 6 months

without any further do these are the winners
number 12 and number 26

:iconhalfinane-halfmental: & :iconiskaeldt:

if you are curious this is the list of all monthly give away winners so far :3
I have made these people happy so far :3winners of the give aways have have hold so far
Updated 21 October 2014
:icondarkkawaiifox::iconVishw::iconphongtu::iconjemikam::icongailsouthworth::iconcitrinepetal::iconpandaotaku::icononidenki::icongemastarlight:,:iconpuppypal32:,:iconroxy2344::iconforonceandforever::iconterekoi:,:iconmystykness::iconshiro-jinja::iconkinouchi::iconrainbownarwhals::iconchopstickle::iconepicmaj::iconmetamoor27::iconminibabylizard::iconpatamonkt::iconspanner88::iconpopyfriend::iconmekimz::iconbeautifuleternalsun::iconcolor-sekai: :iconpuppypal32:  :iconaryiatia::iconbuffy23::iconheyeveryone123::iconmiyuhinamori: :icondysplasia: :icontjhiphop: :iconcharlottesearson: :iconvishw: :iconxhobocakes: :iconszuzka::iconwolvesmaycry::iconlaureleikirsch::iconflamingmarshmallows::iconiwantarocketship::iconwingsprite::iconinfernape77::iconastridstormlight::iconkiangi::iconsavanah25::iconkileandra: :iconcleo0084::iconisacchi::iconirzakurawolfe: :iconpokeaday::iconmsliuvar::iconninated::icontsurukicchi: :ic

when is the deadline of this give away
This give away ends on( 31  December )
Clover - Free Icon by etNoirgood luck everybody!Clover - Free Icon by etNoir

CI monthly feature 

62 deviants said One deviation per member. Just leave a thumbnail of your work here.
6 deviants said Note: sorry this poll is late so busy with work at the moment
2 deviants said No sketches, WIPs, or works that break the site's rules.
1 deviant said The journal will be posted on the 1st of January.
No deviants said please do not use big thumbnail :bigthumbxxxxxx: code when posting your thumbnail.

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