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Edit:Finally its working :D


Hello Members! It's time to announced the winner of the Icon contest
first of all I am terribly sorry for the delay I have been very sick these pas dayst (I am still sick  and wasn't able to post this journal earlier )
for the last time here all our lovely entries :la:

Ci-icon by 13cupcakes by :icon13cupcakes:
CI Logo Contest 2016 by Zhainy by:iconzhainy:
Creation Inspiration logo by rbl3d by :iconrbl3d:
Logo Creation Inspiration by logomachine by:iconlogomachine:

I want to thank every one that help us pick the 1  winner

and this year winner is
Creation Inspiration logo by rbl3d by :iconrbl3d:

*congratulations you  will get 200 points:soon from :icontsuki-soraruki:

Again :iconcreation-inspiration: thanks all who participated and we look forward to further contests and contributions from all our members in the big CI family.
we also hope you all will join next year in our next Icon contest

Until next time
Regards CI Crew :wave:

CI Monthly Feature #51

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 31, 2016, 2:08 AM
Hello :iconcreation-inspiration: members!

It's that time again. Info on how you can get featured are at the bottom of this journal. 
Thank you to all of you who have Submitted to our Gallery thus far.

(In no particular order)

This week's Features are:

Kylo Ren by Dageeling007Absorbing Nera by OstinLein
Yume by AsakuraShinji  Winter Night Sky Miku by ELairi  Adalia by Raikoart by DrewDiddy1996
character by zoeragez  Audrey Hepburn by NUMYUMY  vegan share: We Are One by Estheryu
Basilisk by sepraven  C: prefy by enenaniki
Untitled by kailin90  UM . A Dance to Remember by hen-tie  C :: nocturnalmiyu 1/2 by rimuu
Pink by NUMYUMY  Zed 1.5 hrs practice by leer5  [Commission] The Count of Monte Cristo by Kirigashi
Experimental : Don't Sleep Just Yet by KeikozArt  Sadeness by FlashW
WH40k - Mors Imperator by Tanathiel  Enchanting by Lanaluu
Beatrice by FotoN-ike  :: Sharing an Umbrella :: by Sangrde  Grey by Jinnipan
Uninstall by shellz-art  Chips by Eridey  Rosalia x - 2 by StormHippo
THE STARSHATTERS - Novel Cover 02[CLOSED] by hiro150106  Robo 01 01 Olimueller by olimueller
In vino veritas by LeafArtAnna  The Cleansing by TheQueenSerena  Fran Bow by 10Juu
Little Witch by IrenHorrors  Akitsumaru by rkeg  Her Majesty by IrenHorrors
Lupans - Tek Hunters #1: The Discovery by ochunk  Indian girl by Web-brunetka  My land by fragile-creation
AlithAnar by AkimotoYellow  Starman by arkeoklept  Asriel Dreemurr by vesssel
Jason Todd, The Red Hood - Tiger Punch by DashingTonyLima  EVANGELION. Graveyard. by TaisiaFlyagina  Battle Angel Alita - 2014 - 3 by Tanuki-Tinka-Asai
Heaven only knows by EstherPuche-Art  We Will Fix This! by Black-B-o-x  The Ritual by arteandreas
Mermaid by xhinite  What the Sea took from Me by EccentricTeatime
The Thing... by Nikulina-Helena  Mermaid by qetza
comicpage 02 by Lqiness  Loss of Innocence by Patriartis  The Snakeroot Calcarine by e-hima
The Ivory Tower by JakobHansson  The Ghost Sea by albertopitalua  You Live on a Cloud in a Box ? by ColorfulGuitar
Born to Light by sakurapotter  A DROP OF GOLDEN SUN by TheCallyBear
vordhosbn 7 by t-3-t  Frozen beach by Jscene

So how do I get featured?

Do your best, aspire to be great and most importantly have fun with it.DoReMiFaSolLaSi 

CI weekly maintenance is starting

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 17, 2016, 2:26 AM
The weekly Maintenance is running All folders are temporarily closed. :)
when the countdown has ended all the folders will be back open C:

when the maintenance is running
 we will accept all remaining pending deviations
and not accept new deviations

where can I see when the maintenance is over?
please look at the countdown which is displayed on the groups profile
so that you exactly can see when this week maintenance will end

lot of members ask us
why does the group do this?
our group is fairly large and receives many submissions each day, so every weekend, we have a maintenance session,
to accept previously submitted works  that haven't been accepted yet talking about more then 200+
and also we will sending request to members if their deviation needs to be resubmitted.

Note:for now on every week also this journal will be displayed on the groups page.

please be patient and hopefully to see your soon work :D

EDIT: Feel free to check out our other grouo our sister group :icondoodlecreation: :la:

CI Monthly Feature #50

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 15, 2016, 8:13 AM

Hello :iconcreation-inspiration: membersHi!

It's that time again. 
Thank you to all of you who have Submitted to our Gallery thus far.

(In no particular order)
This week's Features are:

chibi magic girl kawaii cute sweet love by bunnyloliFREE Ribbon Girl Miku Pagedoll by rimuu
The Ambler by Aart-ishCan you Escape to New Years?-Inspired by Undertale by Chibixi
Rose by Zerecasdangerous lover by fragile-creationThe Queen of Arendelle by gabrielleragusi
Starfall: A song for the star by leyallunaEviana by shizen1102
Target Insight by Gworld
Wizard by Kinko-WhiteNight Hunt by CoalRyeNovember by IGreyMatterI
Star Wars - First Order Twi'lek by modji-33warrior's (spear) with dragon by ZOEIZOEI
ICE KING by zero-scarecrow13The Crowds Getting Wild by Darkavey
Wii U girl fanart by Aberiu The Male Disciple.  by DarkKenjie:.DeathBliss - I will always find you.: by HokoriCupcake
when the moon would have wings... by poisen2014Fate of the Titans by ShahabAlizadehHerald by DeLumine
'Gaining True Power' [P] by VeRCelineblurg blurg bargh by wyumFan art- Lian Shi by EtchedLines
Ice Spikes by AyyaSapWitcher - Triss Merigold by Fenyachan
Ross by Brant-loser:: Citylights :: by SangrdeHappy Magical New Year by rosy-Clockomaton
Curiosity by RestrictedShadow
Nick Valentine by SineAlasProtector by SineAlasDarth Maul by Lotsmanoff
DAVID BOWIE - drawing (pastel) by b-DediObi Wan Kenobi by R-3hCommission - Sanshouo no Hanzo by dannex009
Never ending journey 2 by iDaisanMaii - Thief - Final by SkavenZverov
Thief Concept-art by SineAlasSans by Zareidy
Jointed Jasper by Chibi-KatieYear Of The Sheep Kanzashi. Zodiac hair pins. by hanatsukuri
Apex by DMMDesign

How to get featured?

Do your best, aspire to be great and most importantly have fun with it.

CI Logo contest 2016 ended

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 14, 2016, 6:48 AM

Edit 2 : tomorrow I will tell the results of this icon contest

thanks everyone that Join for all your Lovely entries

Edit : this contest has ended since we're having few entries this year there will be Only one winner
you can vote here

Hello, dear members

like every year ,it's time for a new icon contest

if you want us the organize a other contest pretty please vote us this poll

whats this contest about?
create a new icon for Creation-inspiration for 2016

The Rules of the contest
1. be Creative
2.This contest is open to members  of creation-inspiration only.
3.The icon must be 100 x 50 pixels & smaller than 30kB
4. Enter as many times as you'd like, entries must follow all the rules.

5. The avatar/icon
5. Should be categorized as "Customization / Icons / Avatars / deviantART"
a. Must have our name sized appropriately so it's easily readable and doesn't block avatar imagery.
b. May be in color or monotone.
c. May be static or animated.
d. You may use what ever medium you like to create the avatar/icon  
e. must be gif-file, .jpeg-file or .png-file

Where can I put my entry
Please submit your entry inside this folder

The contest will be closed on Saturday 23 January 20 pm CET TIME
voting will last from 24 January till 26 January 2016
like last year 50% voting will be done by the members and 50 % will be done by the CI crew

The winner will be announced on 27 January 2016

NOTE: The group reserves the right to adjust the rules at any time. Members will be notified of any changes through this journal.

winner will receive 200 :points: from Tsuki-SoraRuki
other participants will be  featured for participating in a journal.

hope you can join this contest and I wish everyone that will enter good luck

~entries so far~
Ci-icon by 13cupcakesCI Logo Contest 2016 by ZhainyCreation Inspiration logo by rbl3dLogo Creation Inspiration by logomachine

CI Logo contest 2016 voting poll there will be One Winner for this Year 

147 deviants said Creation Inspiration logo by rbl3d by :iconrbl3d:
122 deviants said CI Logo Contest 2016 by Zhainy by:iconzhainy:
61 deviants said Logo Creation Inspiration by logomachine by:iconlogomachine:
15 deviants said Ci-icon by 13cupcakes by :icon13cupcakes:
No deviants said I made a entry but its not on the list what to do

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