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Rounded Star Bullet by AlbinoSeaTurtle:happybounce:Welcome to CI is a group that accepts all forms of artRounded Star Bullet by AlbinoSeaTurtle

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sketches,line arts,and W.I.P.S belong in here

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updated! 11/3/2014

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featuring weeks till one Month

till 18 April
:icongillykitty: DecisionsI'm finding myself torn between two
Wondering which one i should choose
Who should stay and who should go
These answers i do not know
One is perfect,one is sweet
One of them i'd like to keep
One of them i love,one i lust
The decision i make must be just
Which shall i choose
I don't know what to do
They haunt my dreams at night
And keep me awake till light
Who knew it would be so hard
To get rid of half of my heart
The two are tearing it asunder
Even now i hear the rumble of thunder
My unrequited love songYou are the epitome of my desire
You are the spark that lights the fire
You are undoubtedly perfection
And although I like to say
That I don't really feel this way
I find myself wishing you were mine
But alas I have no luck
In my quest for you I'm stuck
For she always captures your attention
I think it's quite sad
That I want for you this bad
I cannot help where my heart tells me to go
And you will probably never be mine
Certainly not on this lonely night
EscapeYou're always in the back of my mind
Whether I need you or not,it's the answer I can never find
My addiction is consuming
It's really beguiling
You are always the problem
And the answer as well
It's like you got me
In some private hell
Alas you've used your siren call
On my knees I do not wish to fall
Of your looks and charming personality
I hope I hold the escape key
Victim/Killer duet (WIP)Killer: I don't know if I can control myself
Babe,you should just go get help
Victim:I'm not leaving you
I'll stay until, these urges are through
Killer: You know I'm going to hell
Girl,I'll never get well
Victim:I don't care about any of that
I won't leave you at the drop of a hat
Killer:what if I told you I've had dreams?
Dreams about hearing your screams?
Victim: Screams of pleasure or pain?
Boy,stop thinking you'll be my bane
Killer: I can't help it,you have to die
I love you so much I might even cry

:iconsunrise-lonewolf:GIFT: Rough Collie Portrait by Sunrise-LoneWolfInto The Magic by Sunrise-LoneWolfWhite God Shiranui by Sunrise-LoneWolfGIFT: Heavenly Night by Sunrise-LoneWolf
:iconiamthemanwithglasses:Applejack made out of Applejack by iamthemanwithglassesSoon...Revenge! by iamthemanwithglassesKnight of the Wind Redone by iamthemanwithglasses
:iconmjhachem:Orca Dive by mjhachemWhale Jump by mjhachemLost In Space - 2 by mjhachemWater Fall by mjhachem
:iconsammyjackles:Pony Bff by SammyJackleswater lilly pose A by SammyJacklesScarlets Pony Lovers by SammyJacklesExpressions of Sammy by SammyJackles

till 24 April
:iconspock-emon:Jack and Daniel (Love) by SpoCk-emonPixel Dannyboy2 by SpoCk-emonChibi Yuri by SpoCk-emonYuri Petrov by SpoCk-emon
:iconangelofpurity1992:Adorkable: KISEOP [U-KISS] by ANGELOFPURITY1992Adorkable: KEVIN [U-KISS] by ANGELOFPURITY1992Star Dust by ANGELOFPURITY1992Heart Ache by ANGELOFPURITY1992

~till 1 May
:iconstuffedpolarfox:Bunbun by StuffedPolarFoxSir Pugly by StuffedPolarFoxPalkia In Chains by StuffedPolarFoxEllen and Viola by StuffedPolarFox

till 11 May
:iconm-dlu:Flora. by m-dluTea time... by m-dluSpike by m-dluFire by m-dlu
:icondramaticrabbit:Paper Plane Fanart by DramaticrabbitReflecting Tree by DramaticrabbitCrafting a masterpiece- Novaskin by DramaticrabbitNovaskin- Cats by Dramaticrabbit
:iconorypho:abbey of piona at sunset by oryphoalong the Brenta River by oryphosurrealistic by oryphoreflection by orypho
:icontsiki10:Fancy Princess Elizabeth n Professor Piggy by Tsiki10Good Morning [Kamy And Ren] by Tsiki10Lady Kamy by Tsiki10Lady Silvana by Tsiki10
:iconreveriiie:Dark Elsa by Reveriiie:
:iconpicasoeffect:My Mustache by picasoeffectFox by picasoeffectHummingbird by picasoeffectHugs! by picasoeffect

give away donators featuring Part 1

~Featured for longer then a month~

till 11 june
:icontheanimemaster2:Draw: Spades by theanimemaster2Doodles intensify by theanimemaster2Bluetail by theanimemaster2Dark Miracles by theanimemaster2

:iconsepticskeptik: till 10 July
That Syncing Feeling by SepticSkeptikBob and Weeve by SepticSkeptikHawaiian Ice by SepticSkeptikConverge by SepticSkeptik

:iconredstar-sama: till 10 June
Naomi-Chan by RedStar-SamaMononoke Hime - Watercolor Tutorial by RedStar-SamaRainbow Guro Girl by RedStar-SamaDeer Girl by RedStar-Sama

:iconto-ka-ro:till 27 April
Kingdom Hearts- Oh, I Just Can't Wait To Be King by To-Ka-RoWorld Is Mine!- Am I Kawaii-desu? by To-Ka-RoCenturies of Courage by To-Ka-RoParadox Comm. Colored by To-Ka-Ro
:iconfictionalmind: till first Of May
Butterfly by FictionalMindAlvittany Glomp by FictionalMindThe Work Of Ancients by FictionalMindSoar by FictionalMind

~ till 11 August
:iconoga-chan:Natures light by oga-chanErika, fire emblem sacred stones by oga-chanPeter pan, my version by oga-chanThe light in the dark by oga-chan

CI monthly feature: :star:closed:star: 

86 deviants said One deviation per member. Just leave a thumbnail of your work here.
9 deviants said No sketches, WIPs, or works that break the site's rules.
6 deviants said The journal will be posted on the 1st of May.


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New to deviant art, and I want to join a group to share my art to a wider audience. You think you could do that?
Malintra-Shadowmoon 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Many thanks for the invitation :)
OlivierAccart 4 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks a lot for your kind support !
AlexFarrowHamblen 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
A big thank you for all the acceptances! It means alot! :-)
Today, a new kind of Gallery on
Award wining artist with brand new ideas about art, Eric Siu from China is exhibiting today his art on……
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