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Welcome to Creation - Inspiration

Pink Cherry Hearts by deizuneiRULESPink Cherry Hearts by deizunei

We DO NOT accept screenshots, personal blogs and journals.

Red Rose Bullet by JEricaM Featured (currently this folder is closed!)
The works we vote for and think deserve special feature
To make it clear to everyone this is NOT a place for the crew to put their works in

Red Rose Bullet by JEricaM Original Pieces
- Pieces of your own creation, not based off of any existing works (OC, Chibi's and Comics & Cover Comics)
Sonic, MLP's so-said "new" OCs are NOT original pieces as it's inspired from a famous Licence. All fan-ocs go into fanart.

Red Rose Bullet by JEricaM Fan art
Something that was inspired by a book/film/anime/manga/ cartoon or comic.
If your character or another person's character is based off of an already existing world; MLP, Harry Potter, Adventure Time, Homestuck, it is FANART. All licensed characters you do not own belong to fanart. Inclusive of Genderbent ones.

Red Rose Bullet by JEricaM Realistic people and portraits artwork
-Artwork of portraits/ celebrities/bands/movie actors and real people (this folder is only for realistic people!)

Red Rose Bullet by JEricaM Fantasy Magic Sci-Fi and Unnatural
- Steam punk
- Sci fi
- Outer space
- Anthro's
- Furries
- Mythical and Fantasy Creatures
- Creatures
- Fantasy
- Magic
- Surrealism
- Unnatural
- Made up characters that are not your ocs or anyone elses (random character you just decided to add there)

Red Rose Bullet by JEricaM Dark, Horror and Macabre Artwork
- Dark
- Horror
- Macabre
- Gore
- Exposure of body organs
- Torture

Red Rose Bullet by JEricaM 3D Art/ Fractal Art

Red Rose Bullet by JEricaM Flash,Animations
-Flash animation
-Blinking icons/dolls

Red Rose Bullet by JEricaM Customization
- Cell Phone Art
- Desktop Screenshots
- Digital Dolls(bases)
- Emoticons
- Handhelds
- Skins & Themes
- Wallpapers
- Icons(Avatars and Stamps)
- PixelArt
- Vexel Art
- Vector Art

Red Rose Bullet by JEricaM Mature Content
Deviations that involves nudity contains involves nudity nipples, vagina, needs to have a mature content filter or else they will declined!
Mature contents like
- Nudity
- Sexual Themes
- Strong Language
- Ideologically Sensitive

Red Rose Bullet by JEricaM Artisan Crafts and Cosplay
- Cosplay
- Sculptures
- Basketry & Weavings
- Ceramics, Pottery & Clay
- Costumery
- Culinary Arts
- Dolls, Plushies & Custom Toys
- Folding & Papercraft
- Glass
- Jewelry
- Leatherwork
- Metalwork
- Miniatures
- Needlework
- Textiles
- Woodworkin

Red Rose Bullet by JEricaM Photography
Any picture taken and can be replicated again in real life.
( cosplay belongs in the Artisan craft and cosplay folder)
- Abstract & Surreal
- Animals, Plants & Nature
- Architecture
- Commercial Photography
- Conceptual
- Darkroom
- Fireworks
- Humour
- Macro
- People and Portraits
- Photojournalism
- Still life
- Street
- Transportation
- Urban & Rural
- Stock pics

Red Rose Bullet by JEricaM Photo manipulations
-Any photograph that has been edited and changed to create a different scenario than it originally was

Red Rose Bullet by JEricaM Urban,Nature and still life
Drawings of:
-Landscape and Still life

Red Rose Bullet by JEricaM Literature
- Poetry
- Prose
- Scripts & Screenplays
- Fan fiction: fan stories of characters you don't own

Red Rose Bullet by JEricaM Miscellanious
- Designs & Interfaces
- Meme's
- Ref sheets
- Community Projects
- Pagedolls
- Adoptables
- Typography
- Graffiti & street art
- Tattoo design
- Stamps
- Resources

give away donators featuring

pending notes waiting on replies
updated! :new:

till 29 november

Autumn colors by MauraGreenC'est mieux en couple by MauraGreenDisturbed balance by MauraGreenHendrix' bridge by MauraGreen

Request [vivi-chuu] by SpoCk-emonAi in Santa's hat by SpoCk-emonJackxDaniel chibis by SpoCk-emonRin and merman Ai by SpoCk-emon

Linky Link! by Niji-Senpai.::Ink Fennec Fox::. by Niji-SenpaiThe Midnight flight by Niji-SenpaiInk Dragon by Niji-Senpai

till 15 January
feature for 2 friends (:iconxaika: and :icontiffytoons:
Ribbons the Rat by XaikaFae Marie Bisset: Referance by Xaika and FNAF 2 Fanimatronic: Poofy Poodle by TiffyToonsClyde Harrington: Visual Reference by TiffyToons

till 3 December

Willow by TerminusLucisDon't worry. by TerminusLucisWork by TerminusLucisOld by TerminusLucis

Portrait of a lady in grey, black and white by KodeMasterCaroll and Debi Spinney by KodeMasterSleep time by KodeMasterSleepy kitty by KodeMaster

(CLOSED) Chimedra Auction 03 by leamariae(CLOSED) Adoptables Auction 05 by leamariae(CLOSED) Adoptables Auction 03 by leamariae(CLOSED) Adoptables Auction 02 by leamariae

featuring weeks till one Month

give away donators featuring Part 1

~Featured for longer then a month~

:iconbiniwood: till 10 February

:iconyubbi45: till 18 February
square by yubbi45Monarc-heart by yubbi45Slug by yubbi45

:iconcontrollinghavoc: till 12 February
New Glasses by controllinghavocBlue! by controllinghavocLast Drawing For a Bit by controllinghavocFlame Redesigned by controllinghavoc

Recent Journal Entries

Sketch group

We don't accept simple sketches ,line arts and WIP anymore!
We have a sister group where you can submit those deviations


If you are still unsure just note the group and we will help you further :aww:




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Gracias por publicar mi arte
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Well sorry the group is closed but I'll come back in a while to check again ...
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Cheers for accepting my art.
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I put my sun city drawing in the wrong folder if you accept it pleas move it to the fantasy one
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Hi sorry to bother you but all the folders appear to be closed ^^;. I know the group closes for maintenance on the weekends so are they shut down still from that? I was hoping to submit this picture…
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